Victor Gama's microblog

I promised I wouldn’t , but the time has come: 2am. Fiddling with Apple’s private APIs. Sorry, Jobs, I know you usually don’t like it, but this one won’t be on App Store.

Really tempted into going back to Safari after using ir for a while on High Sierra. Oh Firefox 💔

Took a while to remember that one should be using over the builtin syscall package. 😒

Almost finishing Twin Peaks again and, damn, how I missed it. It will be nice to rewatch everything and go straight to the 2017’s revival. 🗻🗻💖

Know what I’m really expecting from WWDC 2017? A simple checkbox on Xcode, labeled “Scroll beyond last line”. 😂

Always racing through thoughts in hotel rooms. Funny thing, hotel rooms always triggers this kind of thing, and I never understood the reason. Perhaps never will. So many possibilities, so many paths. Gosh.

Nothing like drinking lots of caipirinhas with your boss 😂 had a great night, really. Looking forward for more.

Trying to reason about why are some iOS apps so bloated. WhatsApp taking 128mb, LinkedIn taking about 200. Why?

Just released NSLocation, a small CoreLocation wrapper for Node.js 🌍✨ Basically I don’t want to have a Google Maps API Key to use the geolocation provider that ships with Electron (Chromium, in fact)

Quite upset with Firefox DE’s performance. Freezing and hanging on a 2016 MacBook Pro, running macOS 10.12.4 (16E195). Sometimes I even consider going back to Chrome, but well… Let’s keep hoping for the best.

Spent the night playing with Jehanne, another Plan9 fork. The author did a really nice work on the kernel over the last year. 👌🏻

Reading some minified scripts just to satisfy that How they did it? wonder.

I think iOS app has space for some huge improvements in UX. @manton hit me up in case you think I can help! I’d love to. :)

Trying front-end again, after years. Geez, how things changed. Don’t even know where to begin. 😥

Giving a chance to Electron and TypeScript at the same time. Eager to see what will happen.

If you never heard about that, you probably should check out musicForProgramming(task). As DΛTΛSSETTE put, it is “A series of mixes intended for listening while performing any task. Aids concentration and increase productivity (also compatible with other activities)

The hardest part on attempting to build something from scratch is to, as a backend developer, find a decent front end. :(

Important things come in small packages.

Quite astonished with the quality of software shipped by some so-called Senior Developers. I mean, seniority should come along with quality, right?

Okay, found some time to read through’s docs and such. Everything set up and running smoothly. 🌻